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Campaign finance law requires us to collect certain contact information, including employment information. 

In Accordance with The Judicial Campaign Fairness Act:

"A judicial candidate may not accept political contributions from a person that exceed the following limits in connection with an election in which the candidate’s name appears on the ballot: $2,500 for candidates for... statutory county courts... if the population of the judicial district is from 250,000 to one million; and these limits apply to total contributions, both monetary and in-kind, from an individual or from an entity in connection with an election. The limits apply to both opposed and unopposed candidates."

"The Judicial Campaign Fairness Act places an additional restriction on contributions from law firms and from persons who are part of a “law firm group.” A law firm group includes a law firm as well as any general-purpose committee established and controlled by a law firm or by a member of a law firm; any partner, associate, shareholder, or employee of a law firm; any person designated "of counsel" to the firm or "of the firm;" and any spouse of a member of the law firm: $15,000 for candidates for... statutory county courts... if the population of the judicial district is from 250,000 to one million."

"The campaign finance law generally prohibits corporate political contributions. This restriction does not apply to contributions from professional corporations. Partnerships that include one or more corporate partners are subject to the prohibition."

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